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2017 Volvo S90 Alarm

2017 Volvo S90 Alarm


A specially developed alarm system that puts you at ease after parking your Volvo. The alarm is deployed when someone tries to get into your car and also reacts to movement inside the car, provided the car is equipped with movement sensors. If travelling by ferry or leaving dogs in the vehicle, the movement sensors can be temporarily disconnected. The alarm can also be supplemented with level sensors. This deters thieves from raising the car and stealing the wheels. With the passive arming function, you do not risk forgetting to activate the alarm. After turning off the engine, getting out and closing the driver`s door, the alarm is armed without the car needing to be locked. The alarm also has a re-activation function that means that the alarm and lock activate automatically if no door or hatch is opened within two minutes after the vehicle being unlocked. Lock and alarm LED on the instrument panel shows the car`s lock status. If the LED flashes faster in connection with arming the alarm of the car, the alarm has been deployed. The alarm can be configured according to market requirements and meets insurance and legal requirements.

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Movement sensor Part Number 31443745
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Alarm, base kit, with level sensor Part Number 31435711
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Application (Software) level sensor Part Number 31428170
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